International Ortho Professional Care

For various reasons, our international VIP patients cannot always travel to Berlin in person. The Foot and Ankle Center in Berlin regularly receives the request from abroad whether Dr. Böhr can perhaps personally visit a patient in his home country? Our award-winning Ortho Professional Care concept offers a solution: for a fixed daily rate, Dr. Böhr personally travels abroad and treats international VIP patients onsite.

When travelling, we have our important medical equipment from Germany (e.g. sonography and gait analysis) with us. If required, we are also accompained by excellent German specialists for physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopedic technology, orthopedic shoe technology or podiatry to treat VIP patients holistically.

Thanks to this unique service, our VIP patients with special requirements for security and privacy have access to the expertise of foot and ankle specialist Dr Böhr and our coordinated concept for physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry. At the same time, if required, German craftsmanship is available to supply custom-made shoes, prostheses and medical aids.

praxis+award 2020-2023: Vorbildliche Service-Qualität und Praxiskultur
Five star award winning service, 3 times in a row: Ortho Professional Care by Dr. Stefan Böhr and the Center for Foot and Ankle Surgery in Berlin.

Most prostheses, shoes and medical aids are custom-made in Berlin, Germany. The manufacturing process of high quality products includes multiple steps in Berlin and individual fittings with the patient. For this reason, the orthopaedic technican master might have to travel several times to see the patient and ensure excellent results.

Requirements and process

Due to different international practices for visiting a doctor, we have defined rules for our International Ortho Professional Care Concept in order to ensure a smooth and comfortable process:

  • Timely scheduling – lead time minimum 4 weeks
  • Client bears the costs for premium travel, accomodation, meals, Visa and security
  • Fixed daily rate per employee – not subject to negotiations
  • Minimum travel time including arrival and departure: 3 days
  • Pricing starts at 28.500 Euro – additional staff not included
  • Full payment on our account before departure – no checks
  • Anonymization of the complete process, if requested by customer

We would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate meeting your special requirements.

Medical information can be shared with Dr. Böhr anonymously in advance. Given the sheer technical size, we cannot bring along MRI and X-ray machines. If necessary, MRI and X-ray investigations can be supervised by Dr. Böhr at your local medical imaging institute.

Your direct contact:

Jasmina Leder

  • Head of Staff
  • Certified practice manager
  • International relations
  • Graduated medical assistant


Emergency & International Ortho Professional Care

International Ortho Professsional Care is not an emergency program. Urgent consultations for international VIP patients with Dr. Böhr can be arranged short-term on the business premises of the Foot and Ankle Center in Berlin, Germany.

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Please be aware that most fracture cases and tendon ruptures (e.g. ankle fracture or Achilles tendon rupture) will need surgical treatment within 10 to 14 days after trauma. Given this condition, time is usually too short to plan an emergency suergery by Dr. Böhr in Berlin, Germany.

Surgery for international patients by Dr. Böhr

If you require a foot and ankle surgery by Dr. Böhr, we will be happy to organize an inpatient treatment in the award-winning Sanssouci private clinic in Potsdam, just outside Berlin. Please make sure to provide us with all available medical information in advance.

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Learn more about the Sanssouci private clinic in Potsdam

Time schedule for surgery of internaional patients

We strongly recommend our international patients to arrive in Berlin at least two days prior to surgery. In most cases, special X-ray investigations, incuding weightbearing CT, are required to exactly plan the surgery. A personal physical exam by Dr. Böhr is absolutely necessary prior to surgery.

Length of hospital stay depends on the required type of surgery and varies between 2 to 5 days. In case of larger surgery, we recommend a minimum stay in Berlin for additional 10 days after discharge from the private clinic. Patients undergoing minor surgery (e.g. non-complex hallux valgus surgery or ankle arthroscopy) can travel back home the day after leaving the hospital.